Playmat "The Mouse"

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For the 50th birthday of the "Show with the Mouse": Our colorful 2-in-1 play mat, which can be transformed into a storage bag in no time at all. Who doesn't know this: stepping barefoot on Lego bricks distributed in the children's room - with the clean-up play mat it's a thing of the past...

  • Multicolored printed play mat with motifs from the "Show with the Mouse" 
  • Basic color: natural
  • A great gift for children
  • With a drawstring, the play mat can be easily transformed into a sack 
  • Diameter: 1.40m, border approx. 6cm
  • Developed in Germany with the highest quality standards
  • Diameter: 1.40m
  • Basic color: natural
  • Printing: multicolored motif 
  • Weight: about 700g
  • Material: 280g/m² PET
We are convinced that our focus on quality significantly ensures the satisfaction of our customers.
Sustainability is at the center of our activities. With a long-lasting product that helps to reduce the use of plastic bags and that will keep you happy for a long time.
„Return“ is a foreign word for us – and we work constantly to keep it that way.

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