Foldable box "Die Maus"

In honour of the 50th birthday of the TV show "Sendung mit der Maus" we have developed three great products in partnership with the WDR.

Our foldable box M "Die Maus" is the first product available and can be ordered here. With its modern "palm taupe" colour the M box fits perfectly in shelves and offers a modern and practical storage option for toys, books and more.

The high quality savings box "Wunscherfüller" with another great artwork from the TV show will be available in the fall. A great present for every children's room.
Feel free to send us a short message to to reserve this product; quantities are limited.

End of October our third "Maus" product will be available - a beautifully designed playrug, that can be transformed into a storage bag quickly. More information to follow soon! If you want to reserve a playrug please send an email to: